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Friday, July 5, 2013

Good Intentions

It's funny how some days just don't go as plan. I try to plan out my day while having my cup of coffee in the morning. I had planned to work out in the garden first thing in the morning while it was still cool out. You see our nice cool weather is gone, it's back to summer here. I had the strawberry bed that needed weeding and the runners thinned down and grean beans to pick.

see the rabbit in the background at the top

I had planted these strawberries this year and they have really taken off (and so had the weeds).

One thing I need to do was thin out the runner. Should have 2 or 3 per plant. This one has at least 6 or 7. And thinning is very simple, just cut off the runners. I did plan on starting new plants from the cut off runners but that didn't happen today. This is a bad picture, not clearly showing the runners.

 I decided to go with 2 per plant seeing how I just planted them and I want the plant to put most of it's energy into growing.

 After all was done, looks good.

Then my plan was go for a bike ride and then work on canning the green beans.
All was going well until I realized that the pressure canner was not holding pressure. 

By looking at the picture the seal/ring looks just fine but for some reason it wasn't sealing. I'll try again and if it doesn't it's time to order a new one.

I was able to get 7 pints done but there is still another 5 pints to do. But now it is getting time for dinner so I'll do them tomorrow.

I had planned to start my Love Entwined. Had the pattern printed off and finally picked out the fabric 

These are what I picked out so far, still need to decide what to do for the center and small circles. I am going to applique my circles. The background in like what a few others are using and that is Kona Snow. I use that fabric often in my quilts. I like it because it's a white but not a bright white. 
Now mine is going to be scrappy using mainly reproductions. I have a lot of 1800's period fabric but not much that dates back to when this quilt was made. I will find that part the most challenging,  deciding which fabric to use. 

Look the little dudes are walking now.
Growing up way too fast.
Grandma sure missing them and being there for all their milestones.
Thank goodness for pictures and videos.
Just too cute.


  1. I needed a new gasket for my cooker and ordered a replacement from Amazon. It wasn't a Mirro and when I first put the lid on, it spews and leaks for a bit but does finally seal and the jars come out fine and do seal alright....
    Darling boys...
    Mama Bear

  2. The green beans look yummy, and I love your fabric choices!

  3. Oh boy dudes are walking, look out! Parents must be busy now with twins, I can't imagine! Your berry bed looks great! We're going to extend our veggie bed next year and add a berry patch I hope :)


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