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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Weekly Goal - organizing my vegetable seeds

Last week I made my goal to go through my seeds I have and reorganize them and replace the ones needed to plant for the fall garden.

before I started

So I went through the seeds and separated the old from newer. 

I tossed the old ones

 and I had seeds that dated back to 1994

Then I emptied and clean out the container I store them in and went through the dividers I made and put them back in order.

Found some recycled freezer bags, ( I wash my bags after I use them and save them).

What I do is put the seeds in the freezer bags and then just file them in the box. Easy enough.

Have a few flower seeds also off to the side. I try to mostly plant perennials but I do have some flowers I like to plant in with the veggies to help attract pollinators and they are annuals.

Bought the new seeds and have all the summer crops in and here in a couple I will start with fall planting. Here the ave. first frost is Nov 3. but if you do not know yours or would like to know more about what and when to plant in your area
here is a link to Margaret at A Way to Garden
She has a write up on the subject plus a list of links for each state to find that information on what when.

Now for this weeks goal,
my parents will be having a yard sale next month so I'm going to start looking for things to clean out and get rid of.
Well I had months ago organize my kitchen cupboards and I ended up with a box of cooking books. 
I will go through these books, keep some and most likely get rid of the majority of them.

My start for the yard sale here.
You would think this would be easy enough and it should be but it has sat in the dining room now for all that time. I do think it is about time to purge.

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