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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Missed a Week

I can't believe last week slipped by me and I did not update my weekly goal. Well two weeks ago I had the task of going through my cookbooks and thinning them out. I figure about a third of them are going to go into a yard sale.

Before                                                   After

And these are the ones that are going to sell.

Now for what I planned on working on. I started this list last week with the hope of getting all this done by today but I had high hopes "again"!

The is my list
1. Fix hose with Gorilla tape done and didn't work
2. Replant Swiss Chard (need to wait till Aug)
3. Lay soaker hoses
4. Fix the leaks in the a couple of soaker hoses
5. Pull cauliflower plants done
6. Harvest cabbage
7. Tie and stake tomatoes done
8. Fix support for cucumbers
9. Mulch sweet potatoes
10. Weed blueberries and bean beds partially done
11. Clean out last 2 beds for fall crops done
12. Try a natural grass killer in paths

I have about half to still fulfill. 


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