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Monday, July 15, 2013

What's Up 7/15/13

I have to admit, nothing has changed on my wall this past week.

But if you look around my sewing room you would've thought I had been very busy and have something to show for it.

My room is very disorganize even when it's not messy. Just too much in a small room.

I think this expresses it all.

I have been prepping blocks (37) for my Pea Ridge Lily quilt.

And I did applique the center on the compass and the background piece that will become the ring around the compass. I now need it make 1/4 circles (32) to go on the ring 

This is a BOM at Esther's Blog

And the second month is here so once I get those circles appliqued on then I will get started on working on this part. I will change the colors though. I'm going scrappy so it won't quite be so uninformed. 

Looks like I'll be busy.
Like I'm not already.


  1. I can see you've been very busy and that messy creative area looks a lot like my space!!

  2. Your compass is beautiful and the work is so precise, I'm envious. Wonderful!


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