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Sunday, July 7, 2013

I love Sundays

I love Sundays, it's the day of the week that is devoted to rest and reflection.
So I try my best to fulfill those things and find great satisfaction.
I believe my stitching is not considered work, I find handwork very relaxing. I love making something so beautiful and useful with my hands and working on this quilt will fit those criteria.
I'm piecing the center by hand, had thought about paper piecing but I don't do it enough to feel comfortable doing it.

So I photocopied the pieces onto some freezer paper, then pressed onto the wrong side of my fabrics. Trace the outline of the pattern so I have a guideline to stitch by.

Seeing how the pieces are all straight edges I used my ruler and rotary cutter to trim them down. I trim to under a 1/4 by not quite a 1/8 inch.

The directions with the pattern are excellent and the suggestion to leave the paper on until time to stitch is an wonderful idea. You never know if an accident could happen. 

Last night I was able to stitch half the compass star together and today I will work on the other half.

For the small circle in the ring that will go around the compass I have heat resistant plastic circle I will use. 

I am really liking so far my choices I made for the fabric.
Like I stated earlier I using my reproduction stash.
Heaven know this will make no dent in it

Speaking of stash I need go through my figures and update my stash report. I put my entries on the left side, that way I can be reminded at how much or little I'm using up out of my stash and I need to be using more.

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  1. It's already lovely. Just looks to hard for me.

  2. Oh my goodness.....Your colors are perfect~ I tried paper piecing once and made a tiny little red heart and I framed it and hung it in my kitchen because I knew I would never try it again! It is so beautiful but I am content to simply watch you! E

  3. Such a complicated block...that is a challenge for sure!
    I think that technique looks really interesting.
    Thanks for linking up!

  4. Wow! This makes me want to try this block! Love it!

  5. Your block is lovely - wonderful colors together!


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