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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

On a Roll

Have you heard the one about your on the way to the garden and you get distracted by a messy garage. 
Well that is what happen to me. 
Since I'm trying to get stuff taken care of before I leave, I realized that it's not just the garden I need to attend to but the potted plants I have around the porches.
Which means I need a place to put them in to protect from the cold. 
The dream of a greenhouse is still a dream so until then it's the garage....hence the cleaning.

Enough of the depressing stuff lets see what did get completed

Put the border on the big orphan block.
Done...ready to quilt...another one to practice on..

Did another Farmer's Wife.
A paper piece one.
Getting better at it, and by the time we're finished with the book I might be able to say I think I know a little about how to. 
And you never know I might even like it.


  1. Paper piecing sure has it's uses. I'll probably never 'like' it, but it is definitely perfect for some applications! Good luck getting everything taken care of!

  2. The speed you work at is amazing. Hope you manage to get the garage sorted. Have a great trip.

  3. Oh, Yes, the things I've done on the way to do what I intended and by the time that was finished, I forgot what I intended to do.
    Mama Bear

  4. Paperpiecing is wonderful for accuracy. After pp most of the blocks in my Jane Stickle quilt, I now consider myself knowledgable about pp! Your blocks look good. Have a restful vacation. Gretchen

  5. Oh yes, distracted all the time! In fact your post has reminded me of things that I need to do so I might stop blogging and wander off and do them..... xx

  6. Looks like it was a productive week on the making blocks part. Hopefully you got the garage all clean. It always seems like you need to clean one thing before you can make something else work.


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