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Monday, October 19, 2015

What's up

It's been a beautiful fall day and what's up on my design wall is two completed baby tops. 

Urban Nine Patch
 I can't tell or express how good it feels to have these completed, seeing how I started one of them months ago. Of course they still need to be quilted and bound but as far as this part goes...
 I plan on practicing machine quilting with my domestic on these.
Which I need to.
 It's something I've been telling myself, been wanting to do for some time.

Twisted Blossom

 Last week when I posted the projects that I wanted to complete for the week, there was a comment  asking me if I would show how I did the curves. Will do you one better, instead of me struggling through to show you. Link you up to go directly to the designer of this ruler and let her show you how to do the curves.

And now for my lofty goals what I would love to accomplish this week, besides doing some cleanup in the veggie patch.
This is what is up now

I have 4 blocks to make out of the Farmer's Wife Book.
If you interested in reading or looking at the original magazine here is the link to Illinois Digital Newspaper Collections
There you can read copies from 1906 - 1939.

These blocks were made many years ago and have been packed away.

Had started this with the intent to make a queen size quilt. Well I believe I will ditch that idea and try to make 2 more baby quilt using these blocks.

This one needs some filler blocks, so this will take some figuring.

This block is 24" square and with some borders added it will do just fine without having to make any others blocks.

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  1. Thank you for the link to The Farmer's Wife magazines/newspapers. What a great find! As a family historian with female ancestors who were farm wives I know I will enjoy them, and as a quilter interested in the Farmer's Wife Sampler quilts, I will enjoy them, too.

    I like the fabrics you chose for your Farmer's Wife blocks. I'll look forward to seeing which blocks they become.

  2. What a great link, the history element of quilting is a great fascination I have several old/vintage pattern books which I cherish. Your baby toppers are beautiful, I am always in awe of your talent.

  3. Love what is on your design wall...

  4. Love your two baby quilt tops. They look marvelous.

  5. Wow - very fun looking at the magazines and all! Your baby quilt tops are fabulous. The first one fits so well with your blog name, it makes me smile. :)

  6. Wow, you make such great things and so many of them! xx

  7. I really like that pink baby quilt. Congrats on all the progress. Have fun with your Farm Wife Blocks.

  8. Some great projects! I have a couple of the books. Came by way of Cooking Up Quilt and am new to our blog. Will be sure to come back!


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