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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Scrappy Saturday

I had been sewing off and on all week and trying to finish the small list I had made Monday.
I had these leftover from the month of bright green that needed to be completed.
Done now

Plus I have another block completed for this months RSC.
You don't see many brown reproduction 30's fabrics but since I have been collecting 30's fabric for many years there was a couple of prints I could choose. I really liked this one.

Still working on the other blocks for brown.

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  1. The star looks beautiful, will fit great to the other colors of your stars.

  2. Beautiful repro brown. I don't see many 1930s in brown or black, but you found a good one. Beautiful block!

  3. Enjoyed seeing your blocks....

  4. Such a great block, loved the fabrics such a rich brown.

  5. Perfect fabric combo for your block!

  6. SEW glad that you had some time to spent at your machine this week!


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