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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

So much to do

Even thou I was able to get some gardening in

you can see by the picture there is so much to do and I have little time to do it right now. 

For some reason this year I just could not keep up with the growth of weeds. Then on top of that, some of the veggies just didn't preform like they should of.

My guess is the cooler temps in early summer, then above normal rainfall in the summer. So now it's getting close to our first frost and Grammy needs to be leaving to go visit the "little dudes"
Plans are to tend to harvesting whats left before I go and then worry about most of the clean up when I get back.

Was able to get one block made from The Farmer's Wife 1930's book

and went looking for the pink fabric used in this block but had no luck.
Did find the green so I guess I'll use that. Think all white border might be a little to plain seeing how it needs at least a 6' border just to make it 36". Would like it to be slightly larger than that. 
There could be other choices for what to do with the border but sometimes I feel I need to pick and choose which projects to spend time on and this is one UFO that I just would like to make quickly and complete so I can spend time on ones that I have a passion to do.

I was also able to replace the ziplock bag inside my car trash bag.
These are very easy to make and also make great gifts. If you would like to make one I had added a how to, to the tutorial tab.


  1. Now that was a really good tutorial and such a great idea for all the rubbish you seem to accumulate in the car.

  2. Great bag bin for your car! Gardening is never done is it! xx

  3. It's hard to keep up with everything. Hope you can get your flower block all finished. The green makes a nice frame.


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