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Monday, October 12, 2015

What's Up Oct 12

Here it is Monday already and "The Man of The Place" had to go back to work and life for me is back to the usual.
After a morning of taking care of the plants and animals. Then a few phone calls to take care getting the propane tank filled and towing a truck to the shop, I can now write about what is up on the design wall.  
Seeing how "The Man of The Place" was home all week, I have up the same thing I did the week before. 

Two baby quilts started.

Both are patterns by Sew Kind of Wonderful using the Quick Curve Ruler.

Did locate some brown fabric for this months color for RSC15

Started cutting today and the intentions are to get whats up on the wall and the blocks for this months color finished by then of the week. I think that's doable.

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  1. If only I could get myself up and going...love what you are doing.

  2. Love how our Mondays were similar. I 'ate the frog' and got so many dreaded little projects done, but actually never got to my studio. You look like you're gearing up for some sewing today so I'll look forward to seeing your design wall growing next week. : )

  3. Love the blocks from that curved ruler. Perhaps you could show a picture of it one of these posts! I particularly like the turquoise block. Nice job.

  4. Thanks Kat for linking and your inspiration you give us all on Show and Tell Monday !! Bambi Hug

  5. Hey, Kat - both of these are really fun projects :D (and thanks for reminding me I need to call the tree company for the beetle-infested tree! - doing that now)

  6. Dang, I'm going to have to get that ruler! I've been putting it off, but I love the way your blocks look. Curvy yumminess! :) Thanks for linking up to MCM - I hope you're having a great sewing week.

  7. That pink block is really cute, but it looks really complicated.


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