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Saturday, April 2, 2016

March Circles

Well another month has past and another collection of circles for the ISpy quilt. 

Over at Quilty Folk others have linked up what they have done for Quilty 365.

She had asked how many days we have and I believe it's around 120 days but seeing how I'm making 2 quilts my number of circles should be doubled that.

For this month there should be 60 but was only able to get 42 done.

That's OK.  


  1. They are going to be really special quilts !

  2. What a wonderful array of fabrics, they are going to be amazing quilts.

  3. I love your array of farm and food themed fabrics!

  4. I think your I-Spy circles are going to be a big hit when the quilt is finished! So much fun to see your fabrics!


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