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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

On my needles

On my needles currently is another Fringeworthy scarf. Using that beautiful multicolored yarn that I had purchased a couple weeks ago.

It's knitting up lovely and the variation as it progresses is gorgeous. Very soft and pliable, it should drape well. So Springy and Summery looking. 

This past weekend while at the Stillwater Art Festival, I picked up a skein of some llama  Alpaca yarn. Oh my gosh, this stuff is so soft. It's like cuddling a kitten
This yarn will definitely be a scarf and I'm looking forward to making and wearing it.

I figure this will probably be one of the projects I'll take with me to California next month. Now if the "little dudes" don't wear Grammy out, I might be able to get a little knitting done in the evening.

Now for what I'm currently listening to. Is Becoming Wise by KristaTippett. 
She has a program on NPR called On Being. It's a very enlightening show.

Krista Tippett, the host of public radio’s On Being, weaves threads of her own story with sizable clips of interviews from the show to offer us a rich vision of what it might look like for us to become wise in the twenty-first century. This book is especially recommended for those who yearn for something deeper than the daily grind of consumerism in which we are all too often ensnared. Tippett helps us loosen our bonds and imagine a more meaningful and more elegant way of life.
By Englewood Review of Books (Indianapolis) 

So far I am finding it very interesting and love the fact that she is the one reading the book. 

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  1. Love the colours in the variegated yarn. I have never come across Llama wool before, what a treat.

    1. I stand corrected, it's not Llama yarn but Alpaca yarn. It comes from the Suri breed of Alpaca. There is Llama yarn but that's not what I purchase.
      I bet you could order some online if you wanted.

  2. The shaw is going to be gorgeous!


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