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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Admit I May Have A Problem

I knew I was not the only one but sometimes for ones with a problem and want to deal with it, doing it with others it very helpful.
It works for A.A. Weight Watchers and other programs/groups.
So why not with what Sarah is doing over at Confessions of a Fabric Addict.
She is leading others to join her in dealing now with our/mine abundant scraps. I had done this in the past but did forget about until I read what she wrote and that is "A yard of quilting fabric weighs about 5.8 ounces."
So if I was to weigh mine it would be a lot as cost in fabric goes.

What I thought I would start with first is the flannel tub 

and the tub of leftovers from things made for the "Little Dudes".

Quite the pile but won't bother to weigh them due to the fact it's a variety of various types of fabrics. But if I had to guess. I would say there is around a couple hundred dollars worth there.

My thoughts are to make receiving blankets, burp cloths and bibs to give away as gifts. 

I'm curious to see how many of these items I'll end up making.

So here is my confession too that I may have a problem with scraps and will work hard this year to deal with them and use up as much as I can.  

I'm linking at Sarah's blog along with many others.
We are not alone.


  1. I have been working on scraps, using them for the new babies burp cloths, bibs and headbands for the older girls. Its amazing how little you use for these small items.

  2. I was rootling in one of my boxes of yarn today for something and thought, gosh, there is a lot here that I should use up! I have an upcoming project that will take care of some of them though! Hope you have fun using up and making use of your ends. xx


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