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Monday, April 4, 2016

What's Up 04.04.16

What I started yesterday was cutting out the pieces for this month Stash Busters pattern. 

I have had the fabric picked out for quite a while now and I'm just finally getting around to cutting it and stitching. Seeing how the meeting is Thursday, no rush. LOL
All the fabric I did have in my stash and it will be a twin size quilt when finished.
Here is a link to the free pattern

Cityscapes by: Nancy Mahoney Port City

I like getting the stash busters patterns from Sager Creek Quilt Shop. What a great way to use up what I already have without thinking about what pattern I'm going to use.
They are usually an easy pattern to construct, and this one will be what I consider one of those easy one.

I was in a rush and this ended being so blurry, sorry

As you can see it's just a bunch of squares and rectangles assembled together.

This one too

To me it looks like a sweet little girls quilt.

I would like to mow the weeds/lawn. But I'm afraid the lawnmower's battery is dead and I need to get "the man of the place"  to charge or replace it before I can. But the weather is the great, and the weeds are growing like crazy.

So I'll just sew.

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  1. I think I would rather sew than cut grass. Have a good day.

  2. always like that at the beginning of spring with our mower also, somehow we never think to start the mower ever 3 or 4 weeks in the winter time to keep it charged good

  3. A dead lawn mower battery can be a good thing. Love the start of your stash buster quilt.

  4. Oh definitely - sewing is better than mowing! Your stash buster quilt looks like it will be a quick and easy project - have fun with it. Thanks for linking to MCM!

  5. A fun and easy pattern, nice when you are trying to use up what you have. Looks like you got a good start. The rain has really got things going here. Thankfully My Guy does all the mowing. I just have to deal with the laundry. A fair trade in my mind.

  6. Your scrap busting is looking good! Thanks for the link to the free pattern ... :) Pat


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