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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Slowly but Surely

Today and yesterday I've been working on the same things.

Have put in a couple hours on machine quilting and it's coming along nicely. It's all been a new learning experience for me but it's enjoyable.
Not quick for a reason, want to get the feel of what I'm doing first before I think about being quicker.
I lowered the speed on the machine to help me be a little slower.

Working on the purple one first cause my thought is, this one is getting easier designs to work out. In the ditch stitching and the sashing I'm thinking loops.

The pink Urban Nine Patch I want to do something that is a little more challenging in designs.
Maybe it will next... or not.

Also been working of the flannel scrap box.
This is part of "I may have a scrap problem."

Done two receiving blankets and burp cloths so far. These have already been given away.

Have a few more cut and ready to sew,

And a pile of pieces that will work together, believe I counted 11 set.

Also have a pile of smaller scraps that will be used for burp cloths..

Because I'm wanting to do more of machine quilting which means the main machine needs to be ready to quilt without having to change things out, so decided to get another machine out. Decided on the Kenmore but was thinking the last time I used it it was skipping stitches.

Got it out, set up and tried it out. 

So far it's looking good. Did use some of the thread I use to use years ago when this machine was the main one, in my clothes making days, a polyester thread. 

What I'll do is keep this one up to work on the blankets and RSC and maybe leave it out.  


  1. i do that, just leave my quilting machine set up to quilt all the time and piece with my feather weight.

  2. I just got my late 1970's Kenmore out! I'm still looking for all my presser feet but it sewed a sweet stitch. Loving all your projects!

  3. Lots of progress on finishes and on scrap busting. You had a good week.


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