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Monday, April 11, 2016

What's Up 04.11.16

Mainly what's up is on the table. Forgot I told my mom that I would contribute some pillowcases to be donated to the children cancer center in Tulsa. So this morning it's catch up time. Have 3 fabric combination that will be nice.
Have more but time is an issue today.

Children prints is something I have a lot of lately. 

Using the sausage roll method, which is the easiest and quickest way to make pillowcases that I know of.

This Youtube video is the method I am using. Gives a nice clean seam, shows how to do a french seam so there are no raw seam edge inside the pillowcase. There are other videos out there with and without french seams but this is one out of the few I watch that was clear to see and understand.

So here are my 3 cases ready to be dropped off at Mom's later today.

Did have a few completed border blocks for the Scandinavian Christmas wallhanging up on the design wall.


  1. Cute prints. Cute pillowcases. I like the pirates! Actually I like any novelty fabric. I make pillowcases the same way - quick and easy.

  2. Actually I have never made pillow cases before, I am going to watch the video now. The fabrics you chose are beautiful love the novelty ones.

  3. Very fun pillow cases. The kids will love them.

  4. The pillow cases are darling and sure to be loved.


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