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Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day

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In memory of all who gave their lives, we will never forget them and will honor them forever.
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Yesterday after church and a nap I started working on the flag quilt.
Was working on the diamond rectangles when I was about 2/3 done that I ran out of white fabric. Seeing how I didn't have a pattern and was guessing at it all.
Started with a yard and third, which is nowhere near enough. 

Have a few of the smaller square in a squares completed but still lacking having them all. 

Besides needing some for the border, so tomorrow when I go to get my haircut I'll go by JoAnn's and pick up some Kona white.

But this is what is now up on the wall

I blurred this picture to show how well it looks like a flag

Yesterday afternoon "the man of the place" and I walked down to the creek and walked along for a distance. It's amazing what the heavy rains this pass spring has done to the shape of the creek. Where there was rocks along one side of the bank is now all on the other or sweep down stream. The creek is spring fed and the water is so clear.

It was such a beautiful day.

Update on the the storm that came through Saturday gave us another 3/4 " of rain and thank goodness no hail. We did have lots of lightening, quite the show. Lasted a couple hours and it was gone. 

       Had also been appliqueing done the circles on the Retro Air-Ship Propeller blocks. 

Have only 11 left to do and I appreciate the comments so far and as soon as they are finished maybe I will have decided by then how I'm going to put it together.


  1. Love your "flag" blocks. It's already gorgeous.

  2. love your creek area! I wouldn't mind have a creek run through part of my property as long as it was a distance from the house (for flooding)

  3. Glad the storm wasn't as bad as anticipated. The creek looks like a lovely area to walk. Loved the flag will look stunning.


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