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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Humid Houston

I do not know how people can stand humidity, it's bad enough in Tulsa but here it is May in Houston and it feels like July in Tulsa.
Thank goodness that my parents have a/c in their trailer. 
We got here Sunday afternoon and Mom had her first appointment Monday morning and for the next two days she had so many tests and scans. So today was the first day that we hadn't had to be at the hospital.

While waiting for Mom, I had brought with me a bunch of baby yarn to make some blankets. 

This is what I have so far, this pattern I haven't done before and I'm liking it. Fun one to do. I bet I'll have this completed by the time I go home next week. At least I hope to and would like to have another one at least started.

Hopefully we will have positive news when the doctors get back with us on options of treating her cancer. We are not sure if the treatments will need to be done here or if we can have them done back in Tulsa. There is a MD Anderson satellite center at St. John's Hospital.

I had thought of bringing one of the featherweights with me to work the Air-ship Propeller quilt and wish I did. Feel like sewing to help make the days go by.
 Did tho bring along one on the embroidered blocks to the snowmen quilt.

This is the largest section.

Well that's all for now


  1. sorry to hear your mom has cancer, I sure hope they come up with a good treatment plan and you can bring her back home for the treatment. I don't really care for Houston and the humidity is horrible.

  2. I hope you get good news about your moms treatment and can get it done locally. I love your sweet baby blanket. Hugs,

  3. Dealing with cancer in the family at the moment to.......goodluck for your mum.... Glad you have some craft to fill in the time.......


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