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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Memorial Weekend

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Here in the States it is our Memorial Day weekend.
A day to remember our veterans.
My father and two of my daughters have served in our military and I am so proud of their service to our country.

It made me think about making a lap quilt, flag pattern.

So while surfing pinterest I came across a quilt that was made using the storm at sea pattern. Went to the site and it was no help on who made it or the pattern used.

Did have reference to Eleanor Burns.
Googled her and that pattern and all that came up was that one pic of that quilt.

I'm not going to show the pic cause I have no one to give credit to, so I'll just post what my progress is.

So far I have made the square in square blocks, they're double square. Six inch block.

I'm using Deb Tucker's Square 2 trimmer and my friend Pam's pattern she designed for Deb, to get the measurement for this block.

There will be a smaller 3" version I still need to figure out.

But right now I working on the diamond rectangles. 

Had to stop this afternoon to reorganize the garage so I could my car inside.
We have some severe storms heading our way and need to protected my car from potential large hail.
I have too many books and most of my fabric is in here.

and rushing to get this posted, need to unplug the router and modem, they have a tendency to get fried from lightning.
       I'll let you know tomorrow about hail size if we get any. Of course the weather persons are say up to baseball size is possible.

Till later


  1. hope you do not get that big hail the news has talked about - stay safe!

  2. Thinking of you and hope the weather man got it wrong - stay safe.

  3. I like your newly started project. Looking forward to watching it come together. Hopefully you didn't get any of that massive hail. I did the same yesterday evening, put the newest car in the garage. All we got was heavy rain. Still you can't be too careful with those storms, you never know how bad they will get.


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