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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

So little progress

I can't believe again it's been already a couple weeks since I last posted something. Feels like a heck of a lot longer if you ask me. I've been preoccupied lately dealing with my mom's health issues and will be for sometime in the future.
I'm afraid my posts might become sporadic, not saying that they already are. Just a warning that way you have a heads up, so please don't give up on me. My blog is my refuge and something that I'm going to use in need.
Well with that said, I haven't been able to get something completed these past couple weeks. I have been working on things. 

Oh I'll take that back, yes I did complete at a baby blanket that I was crocheting. I take that along with me to doctor visits when I go with my mom.  In fact I started a new one with some yarn that my mom had in her stash to add to mine. So while we're in Houston, I will be working on that plus I'll take some embroidery work with me too.

I have been working off and on the past couple weeks on my retro airship propeller blocks. Had all that I believe  needed cut out and have about half of them finished and partially done with the other half.

When those are completed, the last thing I need to do besides squaring them up, is appliqueing  circles in the center of the block. I have thought about taking those with me down to Houston also and I might still. 

Don't they look so sweet.


  1. Your propeller blocks are too sweet to be called Retro Airship Propeller blocks. I think they need a different name! ;-) I love the color combinations you've chosen.

  2. They certainly are very pretty. Thinking of you and hoping all goes well with your Mum.

  3. Sorry your mother is having health issues. Hopefully things are getting back to normal or will very soon.

  4. I hope that all will be as alright as it can be for your Mom and that you will be OK too. We will still be here - I get it!


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