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Friday, May 26, 2017

Some Sewing Time

Other than cleaning and yard work
I finally was able to get in some sewing time this week and worked on the Retro Air-Ship Propeller blocks.

Have 42 blocks completed, well sort of completed, I'm appliqueing the center circles on now.

Have enough blocks to set on point like the pattern Steampunk by Jen Kingwell.

These are just part of the 42, didn't feel like putting them all up on the wall. Being lazy

Or plenty of blocks to do straight rows and add a border.

Like in this book of 1930's quilts.

Haven't decided which one,
can you help me decided.

I would greatly appreciate another opinion.


  1. I love on point..... The blocks look good......

  2. Love the soothing colour palette of the blocks, I prefer straight rows as in the 1930's book.

  3. I did on point and liked it, but you do what you want :)

  4. I can't decided but I will say I love this quilt.

  5. I really like the on point setting. But both versions look great, you can't go wrong no matter which on you pick.


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