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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Bye Bye May

I know I have said it before and that is how fast time seems be rushing past me.
Here it is the end of May and the first time since the "Little Dudes" have been born that I had missed their birthday. They turned 5 and growing so fast.
They will be here for a visit the end of June and will stay for 3 weeks. That will be here before you know it.

Even though time is quickly passing, I seem to be so slow at doing things and I thought I would be done with the flag quilt today.

But I was able to have all the units made now. It took a little figuring out.

Added a piece to a corner of the background fabric. I could not tell from the photo how it was constructed so I needed guess and measure.

I think I have it figured out. Right now it a square shape that I added the corner piece to and gives it a zigzag edge but I plan on to trimming off the points when it all together.

Part of the reason it has taken a bit longer than I thought it would take is because I ran out of white fabric and picked some up while in Tulsa yesterday to a haircut. 
And while in town the bull we have out in the corral  decided that he need an itch, scratched.

So he rubbed up against the water hydrate and broke it down under the ground. Came home to low water pressure, that's because water was gushing out at the break.

The "man of the place" was out there until midnight last night and today I was able to get a plumber out to fix it.

Took a little time out of my day but was able to sew about half if the rows sewn together. 
Looking pretty nice, liking it.

Did finished appliqueing the circles down and this will  be the next one to construct.

Tomorrow is my mom's first treatment and I pray she has no issues or side effects.

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  1. The flag quilt is really amazing! Such a great pattern :) I hope it goes well for your mum

  2. hope your mom well get through treatment ok - it is always so rough when your mom is going through something like this.

  3. I know what you mean about time passing....you can almost feel it..it is going so fast...
    Mama Bear

  4. Hope all goes well with your Mums treatment. I am once again in awe of how much you get done in a day.

  5. Hope you Mother's first treatment went well. That flag quilt is pretty amazing. Hopefully you got in some more stitching time once things got back to normal.


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