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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Let's Talk Goals

I can take care of two tasks at one time.
I need to review my Get-R-Dones
weekly goal.

Lets get to the bad news first, I again did not complete my list if 4 from last month. It's not to say I didn't try.
1.  I did work on the 30's Row quilt and all I have left is the row I am going to change to house and then the border. So I am very close to done but NOT.
2. Did not go near the Sisters in Scriptures. I think I will put that one away and try again later this year. Still can not seem to get motivated on this one.
3. Christmas String did get worked on but not to the point it is done. I have a few more sashings to do and then sew on the two additional rows I felt it needed. Again close to done but NOT,
4. I did work on "Some Kind of Wonderful", I did complete that goal even though the top is not done. That wasn't my goal, just do some work on it.  Yea one done.
(1 out of 4)

April's 4
1. Is to have Laura's Quilt sewn, basted together and the quilting started.
2. To finish the 30's Row top
3. Have the Christmas String Quilt top done.
4. Have all the Pea Ridge Lily blocks prepped for appliqueing. That way I will have a project to work on in the month of May.

Weekly Goal was a success.
It was to finish cleaning out the bathroom closet now that I had taken care of my yarn stash.
BEFORE                                              AFTER

A lot better if I say so myself. I even have room to add something more. (Heaven knows that won't take long)  Now what's left after I started organizing my yarn stash,
it's my needles and hooks.

Yes that is them all thrown into this tub. They were in a canvas bag that I would rummage through to find a set. 
Total chaos...
Now I would like to go through them all and organize them in some sort of needle holder. 
Something like this but different.
Need something the hold all my circulars also besides my crochet hooks.
Well that's this weeks goal.

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  1. I'm happy you're still working on the some Kind of Wonderful....and some progress on the others is going in the right direction.
    Mama Bear


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