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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Yarn Along 4-10

Being that it a wonderful stormy day I have been sewing and now taking a little time to knit I thought I would show what I am working on. It is one of the projects I had started and put up and  found when going through my yarn stash. 

It's a baby hat that I probably started when the "little dudes" were waiting to come and for some forgotten reason just quit.
I'll finish it and donate it to the hospital the "little dudes" were born at. I have a couple more I have made to add to it.
 Now for what I'm listening to is still the "Friendship Bread"
Almost done, maybe 40 mins. left.

This one of 2 book over a Maigold''s Loft for the Reading Book Club.
The first book "The Book Thief" I loved and recommend it to you as a good read. I loved how the writer told the story. It was one of those books you wish would continue on.
And for this book it's not my type. I know this type of book is very popular but to me it is just too predictable and common. I do admit I will like to maybe try some of the recipes given but other than that it was flat for me. 
So I going to go around some of the others who linked up and see if I can find another good read.


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