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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Some Flooding Here

You have to watch out for what you wish for, we need rain but not this much at one time. The good thing is we missed out on tornados here but not everyone in Northeast Oklahoma was that lucky. Thank goodness no major injuries that I know of. Just property damage.

Look how much rain we received in less than 9 hours.

Besides the fence being moved and bent all to heck the wire fence (water gap) is laying there in the grass with debris entangled in it

The force of the water moved the hay ring and fence a good distance.

Look at how much debris is stuck in those fence panels

Wow, what destruction fast moving water can do.
It can move fences 
and in some cases totally remove them.
Especially the water gaps, which is a wire fence that stretches across the creek or drainage ditch.

This creek is usually around 6 - 8 feet across and up to 2 feet deep.
Now a good 25 feet across and probably 6 - 8 feet deep
So the "Man of the Place" had to take a day off so he could repair some fences so the cows would not get out of the pasture.

And it never fails, when the weather is bad a cow decides it time to give birth. At least it went smoothly. The baby is just a little wet still.
Myself I'm inside for now but this weekend I'll be helping  the "Man of the Place" with repairing fences.


  1. Wow! I thought the half inch we got in fifteen minutes was a lot, but it slowed down. Yes water can do so much damage. I don't know which is worse drought or flooding, can we have something in the middle?

  2. What a sweet calf!! I just love cows what can I say! Sorry about the flooding. It is scary how much damage rushing water can do. We went through a flood in 2010 so I know what a mess it can be. Hope the clean up and repairs go smoothly.

  3. Awwww :) Calves are wonderful. Sorry you have to deal with flood damage. :( not fun!


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