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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Like Heaven

You could not of asked for a more beautiful day. Have you ever felt like you hope that this is what heaven might be like.
Or things are so perfect that you're afraid something will happen to end it.
The Man of the Place worked on the water gaps sense the water is down and my job in helping was cooking for his Dad and brother who came to help.

You couldn't of asked for a better day to have to work outside. I walked down to the creek to see all that had happened. It's amazing what the force or water can do.
At this spot the water had been as high as my shoulder, you can see the debris in the tree. And in other spots it had been over 8 feet.

But it is so different now, places we would cross are now so wide and deep you can't now. And the amount of gravel and sand that has washed up just changes the flow of the creek.

So this evening I am going to continue quilting on my daughters quilt and I am loving doing a big stitch.

It is going so quickly

I'm using two colors of pearl cotton Valdani 12 wt. and an embroidery needle.

Mad Men is on so I need to finish and start quilting.

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  1. So wonderful to see your hand quilting stitches...thanks for linking up. Enjoy!


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