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Monday, April 8, 2013

What's Up

What I have been up to this morning is waiting for this guy to show up so needless to say I haven't done much as far as sewing goes.

Up on the wall is my RSC13 for this month, a green baby / child quilt.

I started on it Saturday at our guild meeting which was a working meeting

The pattern is a simple nine patch and snowballs.

Have most of it done, just need to finish putting it together.
The whole idea for me doing the RSC13 is to use up the scrap pieces I have in tubs out it the garage. This is what my greens consist of 

For some reason, which I don't know, is how I came about having all this solid green fabric scraps. I probably have enough to make a dozen quilts like I'm making.
The other fabric I'm using in this baby quilt is a dress that was started and not finished. It's laying on top of the tub.

The other quilts I am working on is my daughters quilt.

Have all the blocks made and just again need to stitch it together.

Can't have a quilt on the floor without one of the cats on it. They are cat magnets if you ask me.

Now a little chick news
They are getting so big.
The babies have been in a box in the spare bedroom until I could get the "Man of the Place" to bring up the old stock tank into the garage. 

Now they are in their new spacious home until it is time to put them out with the big girls. A lot more room for them to run around in and grow. Plus not as messy as having them in the house. Chicks put off a very fine dust that gets all over everything, so now I need to give that room a thorough cleaning.

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  1. Last year we had the chicks in the upstairs shower stall until they were ready to go outside - what a mess that bathroom was when I had to clean up. I never saw so much dust!

  2. Cute nine patches. Hope you find more ways to use up all your green. Super cute chicks. Hope they like the move outside.


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