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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Starting Sweet Potato Slips

If you aren't starting your own Sweet Potato slips you might remember doing this as a child. That is taking a sweet potato 

 cutting it in half,

and putting the cut end in water, 
then watching it take roots and sprouts. Well that is what growing your own slips all about. I had wrote about the process step by step almost 2 years ago and this link will take you to it.
I had just started mine but I not sure how healthy of slips I will get. My sweet potatoes last year were not a good crop. Between the heat, drought and then the cows getting into the veggie garden and eating the vines at a critical time,
I ended up with a small crop and the potatoes were very small. 

I started quite a few this time just in case it doesn't work out like I hope. I have also ordered some new slips. I wanted to add a new variety.
So give it a try but I not sure about store bought potatoes working out in the garden but they do make a neat plant for the kids to grow.  


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