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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Groundhog Expressway

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I need to tell you about how the hen house is again a drive thru 

A couple of years ago I had a groundhog dig a tunnel from the outside of the hen house to an opening inside. They seem to have a love for chicken layer pellets. We were able to set the trap inside the house where the opening was and succeed to trap it. We relocated him and filled the hole.

Hadn't had any problem with them until recently.

Have seen a few around like this on the the back porch

But a little over two weeks ago my sister came across this one while out letting the chickens out of the house.

Now we have a problem, they do not bother the hens but they can eat a large amount of feed. I had hoped I had scared it away but that was not the case. My sister spotted it again but this time it was running out of the house through the yard and under the fence.

I figured it was coming through the hen door out to pasture so I was a little surprised but also pleased cause I would have a better chance of trapping it.

So Saturday put the trap out by the opening in the fence and sure enough caught it. 

Like the last one we relocated it about a mile away.

Then Tuesday I thought I would set the trap again just in case that wasn't the only one and it wasn't 

caught this one Tuesday and another yesterday.

That is were I came up with the phrase Groundhog Expressway, seeing how more than one was using that hole in the fence. Which is interesting because from what I have learned they do not live in groups but we do seem to have a lot of them around.

They don't bother me other than eating the feed.
I think they are rather cute and like to watch them when I can, they are very timid animals.

I will set it again and I will wait until I can go a week without catching one before I fix the hole in the fence and close the Expressway

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  1. I think woodchucks are so cute. Except for them eating feed that should go to the other animals it would be interesting to have one around (I think, maybe). I have heard that animals have to transported at least 5 miles or they will move back to their original home territory. It's possible that you are catching the same woodchuck.... But maybe you notice differences in the ones you catch.

    1. Oh no Nancy, I hope not. That would be terrible, I will have to pay closer attention to and if I catch another. Poor things do not like being trapped and I would hate to think I'm stressing the same one out. Need to do further research.

  2. sounds like a good idea to keep seeing if more go in the trap. This is kind of like people who feel a squirrel thinking they are feeding the same one over and over again - if they lived here they would realize just how many squirrels there really are

    1. Boy is that the truth, I have at least 10 feeders for the birds that the squirrels can get to and it's not uncommon to see at least 4 or 5 eating at the same time.

  3. Their eyesight is very poor. I see them in my backyard all the time, and call to them but they can't find me lol. They will run at a noise but can't see for crap.

  4. We have them in Colorado too and my dog killed one last summer. I was surprised the dog did not have more damage from those big teeth.

  5. cute rascals....very resourceful.....


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