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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Slow and Steady Sunday

It has been a lazy day for me.
Woke up to a nice cool morning and had a cup of coffee with the man of the place on the back porch. After that I came in the house and watch some of what was going on in Florida. Just frightening...

Read some ..... had a nap.... did get a little sewing.

Prep some more sashing for the Vintage Garden and did stitch one today. Figure  when I get the top row sashing stitch I'll go ahead and assemble. 

Been quilting each morning this week while watch the morning news. It isn't much, maybe an hour but it will add up. 

I can get one of these done in an hour.

Have 14 more besides the background spaces.
Then of course the last, border.

This quilt has been one of those off and on ones for so many years and I want it to be finished. Just don't want it to be many more years before it is. 

It was also a good day to make yogurt which takes all day to incubate. If you hadn't had homemade yogurt, you are missing out.
I am lactose intolerant and did not know it till about 2 years ago. Here I thought I just had stomach issues of some sort all my life, which I did ..... lactose. I did not connect the two.
But yogurt doesn't bother me... what a blessing 

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  1. have never made it - a special kind of machine you have there to make it? lactose bothers me too but never a problem with yogurt and I drink almond milk and get almond milk ice cream - cheese I need to limit to small portions.

  2. What a wonderful quilt, worth all the hard work to get it finished.

  3. That star quilt is SO beautiful, and your hand quilting is exquisite! This will be an heirloom for sure.

  4. The hand quilting is beautiful. Hope you are able to finish and enjoy it soon.

  5. Watching the weather this weekend was hard. Hopefully you gotten in some more hand stitching on your quilt. It's a pretty one.


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