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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Hodge Podge

The past couple of days I have been spending time at Mom because her CHF is acting up and she wasn't feeling very good. We would sit and crochet while talking, which was hard for her yesterday because she get breathless just talking sometimes.

I was able to finish my sister's slippers and they feel good on. I am definitively going to have to make myself a pair. Before I go and buy some yarn, need to check out the stash and see if there is some soft yarn like the stuff I used for my sister, That yarn was from Hobby Lobby "I Love This Yarn" but not sure if there is any here. Hope so, really would like to use up my stash

Speaking of which I'm doing that with this pair I just started for my youngest daughter who is a OSU grad (orange and black) and still lives in Stillwater (my future quilter).

Had to change pattern because this yarn is lighter weight and the pattern used on my sister's slipper just wasn't working out, turning out smaller and thin.

But this new pattern so far looks like it's a winner. With this pattern is starts with the cuff and ends with the toe where as the other was the opposite.

Also completed another diamond. 

Been reading about Hygge 
simply said here

Right up my ally and a way to learn more about where my family comes from and the culture. My grandfather came here to the US as a child with his family before WWI from Denmark and while my sister was here we were reminiscing our childhood and the memories we had of grandpa and the holidays. Most of them past away while I was young but do remember some.
Christmas was a big deal as kid and it is with the Danes.
We celebrated on Christmas Eve with dinner and church.
Food was a big part and it was the same every year.

Been trying to find recipes of some of the dishes I remember, seeing I have none from family.

Mom would make Frikadeller (Danish Meatballs)
Loved those so much.

Made some and sure brought back memories

Here is the recipe I found  

Next dish I want to make is Danish Red Cabbage, I love that stuff and I here homemade is so much better than the stuff in the jar from the store. 

Hard to believe it's October, my favorite month.

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  1. Hope your Mum is feeling a little better and the breathlessness has settled down. The slippers are wonderful, I am working on some slippers for the children. Love the mosaic diamond.

  2. I too hope your mother is feeling better - I'm sure that is not a good feeling to be breathless. I like the slippers nice and warm on the feet but I always find them too slippery on the floors.

  3. Would love to know what pattern you used for the last (blue) pair..I have searched and searched for a crochet pattern. So many are knit and beautiful but I can't knit! It's good you're spending time with your mom.


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