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Saturday, September 2, 2017

A Finish and A Start

Oh it was such a splendid day. 
Had the house to myself most of the day.
My daughter went home, my sister went to my parents to help dad while mom is in the hospital and "The Man of The Place" was out doing his cow thing.

So spent a good portion of my day in my happy place, aka sewing room. Have had the Retro Air-Ship Propeller blocks finished (so I thought) and ready to assemble. 

Tried two layouts but didn't have enough to make it a full size top either way.  Had a decision to make, use what I made or make more. I just didn't want to spend any more time on making more blocks. 

This is what I thought of

on point and used half blocks.

Okay in my head I thought it would work and look nice but what I ended up is not quite what I pictured.

It will make a nice lap or wall hanging... the size right now is 
54"  sq. I want to say it's complete but I'm just not sure. Something is bugging me about it, so maybe a little time will give me an idea.

Prepped a few more 3 1/2" squares of the ender and leader project.

Now that I have a finish I couldn't wait another day to start this quilt. 

Have loved this one and figured it will be gorgeous in blues.
The pattern is one of Linda Collins and the book is one of Quiltmania's and half written in French and other in English.
Which can be a little bit of a challenge trying to follow. I've made the mistake of seeing size and not realizing it was finish and not the cut size.

 I have a white with a light blue print to be the background to the variety of blues I'll use.

This is the first block.
A new start

Last years picture. She now has a bull calf. I'll have to get a picture of him tomorrow.


  1. quite often in recent years I think I want to make a quilt queen size and then grow tired of it and end up making it smaller or putting on a big border instead to finish it up. I think there are just so many quilts I want to make and I know when you get to be my age - 65 later this month that the years are growing less - you just know it - it is a fact of life - I want to use up more of this fabric that I have and must start to make some smaller quilts as well.

  2. Love the new start I can imagine a beautiful quilt in a wonderful hue of blues. A really productive day.

  3. so much to comment on....just love all the quilts...

  4. I really like the layout for the propeller blocks. That project turned out beautifully. Your baskets are going to be lovely too. Happy stitching this weekend.

  5. I have and must start to make some smaller quilts as well.



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