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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Tomorrow is always a Day Away

I have been wanting to write all week but have had things pop up and I catch myself saying "tomorrow".
Can say for once tomorrow is here and have so much to share.
These past two weeks have been mainly spending time with family and very little sewing. 
No I'll take that back, I've done a lot of handwork because I could take it with me to Doctor appointments and such.

I have spent time in the morning quilting on the blue "Rocky Road". 
I can sort of see this one being completed after 20 years. Yes you read that right...... 20 years ago I started this quilt and maybe started quilting on it off and on 10 years ago.

this picture shows that there is a few background spaces to do and I'll have one side done.

Working hard to get it done.
I have a stack of others waiting to get quilted.

I did get all the fabric I had for the Mosaic Diamond cut out.
My youngest daughter has becomed very interesting in working with EPP. I believe I might have a daughter who will become a quilter. She is prepping the hexes for me and has sewn some on one. So exciting, it's a start.

All I have to show other than the cutting is one more diamond done, now up to 15.

Appliqueing still on the sashing for the Vintage Garden.

Was able to get some sewing in by putting together some of the rows. 

I'm halfway there.

Something new I started was crocheting slippers for my sister. Have for decades knitted slipper but I'm needed to switch to crocheting and found this pattern. Looks a lot like it's knitted  and that is the main reason why I picked it.

Coming along nicely and quickly.

Well that's it for now but tomorrow I'll have more to share and a story about the Groundhog expressway.

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  1. Gosh your quilting is lovely, it will almost be a vintage quilt when it is finished. I'm a big EPP fan, I have visions/delusions of making a hexi quilt one day. Thanks for linking to Sew Stitch Snap Share.

  2. Beautiful quilting! You've got a lot of projects underway, haven't you? Always fun!

  3. As always beautiful work. Love the crochet slippers they really do look like they have been knitted.

  4. Your 'Rocky Road' quilt is gorgeous; the colors, the hand quilting.
    Fabulous hexagons!

  5. Can you tell us where you found that slipper pattern?

    1. Yes I can, found it on ravelry and here is a link.

  6. You have such pretty projects going! Even if that quilt is an old UFO, it's still lovely - thank you for sharing it!


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