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Monday, September 11, 2017

What's Up 9.11.17

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Hard to believe it's been 16 years ago.... a day we all know where we were when it happened.
Lets not forget the ones we lost on that day.

Later today my sister and I will go visit mom. Sounds like she could be there a couple more days, especially since she got up out of bed without help and fell. No broken bones thank goodness but I think plans for release might be altered. I'll know more later today.

Have up on the wall is Vintage Garden and I hope to get the top row sewn  this morning. 

The corner stones in the next row down need to be trimmed down so right now it looks odd and out of place.

Did get another block of Blue Rocky Road quilted this morning while watching the devastation from Irma. 
Prayers for those effected

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  1. Hope all goes well when you visit your Mum, so sorry to hear about her fall.

  2. glad no bones were broke...love all of your pictures...

  3. OOo - Blue Rocky Road looks so nice with its quilting. Sending wishes for great recovery for your mom.

  4. Hope you Mom is doing well and the fall doesn't extend her stay by too much. Vintage Garden is beautiful. Hope you got in some more stitching since the weekend.


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