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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Fuzzy Cute Visitor

Yesterday my sister went out to the hen house to give the girls a treat. I have been keeping them locked up in their yard half the day and will let them go free ranging the rest of the day. 
Well when my sister went out there she had open the main gate to get in the hen yard, when she did she noticed something in the hen house. Being a city girl she didn't know what it was and shut the door to the hen house before she came to get me.

It was a groundhog.....I believe it to be the same one that I have been seeing around the house eating fallen sunflower seeds under the bird feeders.

 Had posted this picture last month.

They are so cute and are vegetarian.... which means they will not hurt the girls or eat their eggs but they do eat a good amount of the chicken feed I have in the hen house. 

I'm going to have to figure out a way to make it stop. I might have to relocate it if it doesn't stop.

This evening was the 30's Club at Sager Creek Quilts. We had a good crowd with 2 new attendees

We started a new quilt and this is month one. If you are interested I put link here

First set of blocks.. one pieced and one appliqued.

The applique was done by machine...I used Soft-Fuse and a small buttonhole stitch.  

Update on my mom, they released her today to my surprise. I worry about her stability and falling. If she does my dad can not get her up. This has happened before and the neighbor or I had to help. 
Starting tomorrow I'll be spending the day and my sister will be spending the afternoon and evening.  They will be on their own at night unless things changes.

I'll be taking piecework with me for now.


  1. You could probably trap it and relocate it.

    1. That is what I was thinking, take him to the other side of the property. We have over a hundred acres and I think that will be a good distance....hopefully

  2. hope you all will be able to take care of your mother ok and glad you can all take turns helping.

  3. Hope all goes well with relocating the ground hog, it must have been a surprise for your sister. Take care of yourself and hope all goes well with your Mum.

  4. Your hen house seems to be a popular attraction to a number of "varmits" (as my grandmother used to call just about any critter that wasn't a farm animal).

  5. Well at least it isn't eating hens or eggs..we relocate about 20 Squirrels every spring and summer....sorry about your Mom...my Dad fell a couple of times and he was a big man, my nephews had to help him get up...in fact he had fallen at a VFW Thanksgiving meal and was hospitalized with a concussion, expected to go home on Monday but his congestive heart failure took him home to be with the Lord...He had been broken hearted for 16 months after Mama went so it was a blessing he went so easily....miss them though.
    Mama Bear


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