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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What's up

It's been almost 3 weeks since I first shown what was on my design wall. Well right now, there are 2 projects up. The purple Sugar Twist is slowly coming along

It will have a sashing around each twist, which has not been added yet. It's going to be bed size instead of throw size.  That is what the pattern is for.  Been so busy making the blocks that I haven't given any thoughts to how many blocks are needed.. So far there are 35 blocks. When  working on it, it is really a simple and quick block to put together. Have enjoyed working on it.

The other project up is a round robin that I am very lucky to be participating in. There are 5 of us. The other four (who will not reveal right now) are some very creative and extremely talented women. I feel like "grasshopper" in Kung Fu. Learning from the masters.The one I'm working on right now needs to gets mailed out by Friday and then we have one more swap and a border to put on before we reveal them to their owner. So in a couple of months I 'll show how they all turned out. I'm only going to give a partial glimpse because I'm afraid the owner might see this.
Did some more work to this top,  but again will not show it right now.

Then I have some fabric that I need to make a quilt for my middle daughter. We picked these fabrics out over a year ago when I was there visiting her in San Diego. Very pretty colors. Love the sage green. Just
not sure about the pattern she describe to me. There is not much contrast and I know I'm giving it too much thought. If anyone has an idea, I'm all ears. 

                            Till next time


  1. but mom we don't want a lot of contrast ... i know that's not "true" quilting style, but that's how we like it. =)

  2. I know, so do you have a pattern


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