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Monday, June 27, 2011

Rogue Hen

I have notice the past week that "the girls" have cut down in egg productions. Well the heat has something to with it. But I also noticed I wasn't getting that many greenish/blue eggs. I have four hens that lay that color right now (6 more to mature). To me they are some of the prettest eggs.
Well I know that those girls are notorious for flying out of the coop. They need to get their wings clipped so they will stop escaping. They are able to fly up to the top of the fence and then fly down. Look, here is one of the escape artiste doing it now.

It is amazing she can fly, she not a thin hen ... Let alone be able to balance on that thin wire fence.
 I figure she was one of them laying her eggs outside the coop. So I started looking around. Now there are a lot of hiding spots she could hide and there are probable a lot of them out there that I do not now about. But I did find one. It was in one of my compost bins. Yes I know, I said one of my compost bin. I have 3. Oh goodie, I have another topic to write about, keep checking cause I'm going to do a post on composting the "easy, no work way." My way of gardening

Ok, I got side tracked, back to the find.    LOOKIE,  LOOKIE

Boy there's a lot of them

Now having that many, she has been laying her eggs there a few days. With this heat and not knowing which egg was laid which day, they are of no good for eating. If I take them out of there, chances are she will stop laying her eggs there and I will be out searching again for that new spot. Been there, done that. So I have learned if I mark them with a sharpie pen, I can come back each day and remove the new unmarked eggs.,
Clever  huh.
Well this was a good morning.
                                 Oh look,  she is sneaking back.


Till next time,

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