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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Growing along

Mother and son
I thought I should give an update on the calf we had to pull a couple of weeks ago. You would never know by looking at him by how well he is going and yes it's a bull calf. I failed to mention that when he was born. I guess it was because of all that went on that morning, it just slipped my mind. So I took a couple of pictures last weekend. They were still the corral area at that time but now they are out in the pasture. He just runs and runs. Kicking up his hoofs. They are so cute and fun to watch. Especially when you get a whole bunch of them together. They'll run and chase. They'll butt heads. Really it reminds me of watching puppies play in a way. They just don't bite and growl.

Handsome little devil (for a red bull)

Till next time

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