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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Toys

I had bought some new products to help me in garden this year. One is a cart and the other is a rolling, small wagon you sit on while gardening. Both I just love. Why I hadn't went out and get them sooner is beyond me. My garden is in the "back forty." OK, not that far but not that close either. So I have been hauling supplies, tools, plants and harvests in my wheel barrow. Now it works but it's not level, so things get rolled around, piled up and squish. Now I can easily pull what I need. Things stay level now. It is so much easier on your arms and shoulder's.

My new cart
My other "good thing" is the little wagon with a top to sit on. Now I'm not saying I'm getting old or anything like that but I do need to think about saving my knees for the future. It's not easy getting up and down over and over again. So this easier on my knees. Now I have raised beds and the width are 4 feet. So to sit and reach in two feet is not problem. I just sit and roll. So cool.

My little "buddy"
Well these our my new toys and they are great. Best dollar I've have spent in awhile.

   Till next time

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