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Monday, June 20, 2011

Oh Lookie,

Whoopee, I have my first harvest of blueberries. I planted four blueberry plants last year. And I was so worried about whether or not that they would live given the really horrendous winter we had. All four did, but did not escaped being stunned by it. It is so great to see that a couple of them even bared fruit.
I just love blue
There wasn't much of a crop to speak of but I'm excited all the same.
By now I would be putting up green beans. This year has been a little off for me. Now some people would not be surprised by that. They would tell you I'm just a little off personally. So that explains a lot, doesn't it.


The green beans are looking GOOD.
The weather report for this evening is severe thunderstorm warning. The possibility of hail. I so hope not. That hail does such damage to plants. I'll have to wait till morning to see

Till next time

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