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Thursday, June 2, 2011

another block done

I just finished  this block
The snowman quilt is a pattern that Marilyn McSpadden of Kansas designed. I think it is one of the cutest snowman patterns out there. Right now it is being offered as a BOM at Sager Creek Quilts and Yarn works  I know that it is still available.                             The block to the right is another quilt I have started that was offered  as McCall's pattern. It is also in a book called Fancy to Frugal. I just fell in love with this pattern  I did stay with black for the points and centers. Something about the striking contrast I just had to do. Right now I only have two of the sixteen done. But they do not take too long to do. This has been a good project for using up some of my 30's fabric

This block I just finished this block this evening. It too was offered as a BOM in 2009 at the Rabbit Lairs in Rogers Ark.  Kay Harmon picked the fabric and color choices.Kathleen Myers did an overdye to  the fabric. The pattern is a Blackbird design called Vintage Charm Quilt and I'm doing Alma's quilt. Applique is my all time passion in quilting. I love the look of a design stitch on top of a block.
As you can see I have more than one project. There is so many beautiful  quilts I want to make. And heaven know I have to work on using up my stash.

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  1. Kathleen
    So nice to see you in blog land! I'm so glad to see you working on this quilt. Actually, I'm the "culprit" who chose the fabrics for this one. Kathleen graciously dyed yards and yards of background fabric to pull it all together.

    Like you, applique is my passion. I will piece but only if I absolutely have to so I can get my applique blocks together.
    Kay H


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