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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Kick in The Hiney

That is just what I need when it comes to sewing. I have done very little and not often. I know of a couple of quotes that can sum it up;  
Life happens and  A day late and a dollar short.
So when I read about Kelsey's challenge she has put out there to anyone who's interested. It is what she calls the 100 Day Hustle

I am so in the need to have to have something to reinforce my goals I have.
With now 97 days left, I will put it all out there for you with my list of projects I would like to have done by the end of the year. Some of this will be off my UFO Challenge list and then a few new ones I would like to have done for Christmas.  

  1. The binding on Sunflower Quilt
  2. The binding on Ruby Red Dots Quilt
  3. Finish the William Morris Quilt
  4. Quilt Christmas Round Robin
  5. Stockings for the boys 
             Now the new projects

  1. Bibs for the boys
  2. quilts for the boys
  3. 4 clotget h books for the boy  (starting to see a pattern)
  4. Kitchen sets
  5. Blog Hop projects
  6. Knit sweaters for boys
Now if I can a good part of these done I will be doing the happy chicken dance.

Till next time


  1. Jeez. Do you plan to sleep at all? It all looks so good on a list. You would think Easy peasy, done.....well.... I wish you good luck and would love to see the projects you finish! YOU CAN DO IT!

  2. Great list!! I LOVE Ruby so that quilt will obviously be awesome ;) Thanks for joining in!

  3. Good luck! I always feel like the binding is the worst part of the quilt -- it takes the longest. =)


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