If you want a golden rule that will fit everything, this is it: Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.William Morris.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Mondays What's Up

First of all I want thank everyone who participated in the Dots on Dots Blog Hop. It was fun and I had seen so many wonderful projects. Thank you for stopping by and for all of you who decided I was worth following. I hope to not disappoint you or waste your time.

Enough said "lets get it on"
For those of you from my generations remember that song and phrase.

I was so hoping I would have more to show you on the William Morris Quilt but as fate has it I got so far and realized I did not have enough background to for the last block.  I am doing the last of the stitching around the applique.

I'm doing this on the machine like Michele Hill suggest, seeing how her pattern was design with that in mind. Using a small (1.5) button hole stitch with Mettler's poly sheen thread. I do not normally use this thread but it is also a shop sample so I needed to follow the suggestion from the designer on how she has done her quilts. Looks good and it will be so pretty when completed. 
Hopefully this week

Then I saw this idea on Martha's show last year I think, been a while. But I thought it was the neatest idea and since I live so from the "little dudes" I figure this would be a great way for me and everyone else to see how much they will change in a month. I know this is not a new concept and I have seen some very creative photos done to document the child's first year and the mother is doing fun shots with them wearing these. 
I'll have post a pic or two someday to show you.
I am doing month 4 today and in the mail it will go. (Today is their 4th month.)
You can download a copy of the templates yourself at Martha Stewart's website and look for First Year Baby Bodysuit.


Then I too also hope to have the first stocking completed this week. I have a stocking to attach to one hand and a small Christmas tree to attach to the other hand. Plus a few snowflakes. Not much left.
I love the shorter days cause it gives me more time to work on projects like this in the evening.
Besides I'm just sooooo ready for fall. It's been a very stressful summer.

My list for this week

I need to wrap this up so I can get busy

Till next time


  1. I love fall, too -- such fun!! Your William Morris quilt blocks are gorgeous! And I love the onesies ... my daughter has been doing weekly pics and my son-in-law digitally adds the week number -- it's been such fun and he's done such a great job with it. But it's fun to go back through the weeks/months -- y'all will enjoy that!

    You have a fun blog -- I like that you enjoy a variety of types of projects. I feel immediate kinship with that kind of crafter/quilter! Hope you have a great week! (And I'm a new follower!) :)

  2. Love that stocking! I have that design in my stash...one of my addictions is Bucilla stocking kits.

  3. Great projects all! I love you William Morris blocks!!


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