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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hen count, now 18

In Memory of Buffy

(one of my favorite pics, her brooding with another hen)

I lost one of my oldest hens last night.
I do not normally name my hens but I did to a couple of "the girls" and she is one of them.
She was one of the best hens I have, she was gentle, smart  and such a good layer.
I just wish I knew what happened. She was just fine when  I put them to bed last night but the this morning when I went to let 
them out of the coop, there she was under the roost dead. Something happened.
I will miss her.

Now if you want some good hens, I would recommend some Buff Orpingtons.
You can't go wrong with them.
I now need to think about getting some of them myself.



  1. It may seem silly to get attached to a chicken but to some of them I do especially the ones that have been around a long time. Good-bye Buffy and thanks for all you did to brighten the days.

    1. Thank you Patrica. We do get attach and its something I try to limit, seeing how we live on a working farm. Animals come and go here and it is just part of it. But one or two become favorites. My cow Snicker is one, she'll be 11 years here soon and I know that someday she will be gone too. All I can say is enjoy them while we can.


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