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Thursday, September 27, 2012

New List, just have to

I have a new look for my Things To Do List
I find this one so much easier to do and read. Reminds me of being at school and how our assignments would be up on the chalkboard for us to do. And you had to do it or you'd get a bad mark, well I still do not want a bad mark, you know what I mean.

I did not tell you how I did on last weeks to do list. With all the errands I had to attend to, that I forgot about it and posting this next weeks to do's also.

Well as far as last week goes, I did get most of what I wanted done. 

  1. Finished planting fall crop done
  2. Freeze potatoes and onions- did onions but still need to do potatoes
  3. Start repairs on hen house did that by getting supplies needed
  4. Decorate front porch What do you think

       6.  Find and buy apples done
   7.  Get a hair cut done but no photo for this,  PLEASE

I was also able to get some other things done that I just did not have on the list but that always seems to happen. I can so easily get side tracked, I'll be working on something and then I'll get an idea or remember something I was suppose to attend to and there goes my plans out the window. 
I was able to to make Chicken broth from some whole chicken I bought, cut up and freeze, then the broth.

Then I went to the nursery while in Tulsa and had to come home with these, now I need to prepare a bed and plant.
Plus the cleaning of my dutch oven I posted about a few days back.
See what I mean.
So now I'm on to this week.
Wish me luck.


  1. How do you make vinegar?

    Sandi B

  2. How do you do your little chalkboard thingy? Cute!


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