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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fall Decorations

The pass couple of days I have been digging around looking for items I could use to decoration the front porch. I found things I forgot I had. 

I love to do holiday decorating. When I lived in California our home was in a cul de sac. A few of the neighbors would go all out, almost a competition but a friendly one. I thought it was a lot of fun and so neat to see. So now that I live in the country and off the road, no one see our house. But I still want to decorate, "the man of the place' just doesn't understand, he said no one but us will see it. 
That's OK
So I'll show you, its like you are out for a walk and checking out my house. 

It has been fun and I will probably keep rearranging items for awhile. I have a habit of doing that. And I like the fall decorating the best because I will be able to leave it out till Thanksgiving.

Of course, Pete the cat had to check it out, in fact he ended up knocking some of items off the bale of straw and the chickens also had to do some pecking at the straw. Wasn't able to capture them on the camera.

I can check this off my "things to do" list.

Till next time

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  1. Super cute and really puts me in the mood for fall. Now if only the weather would cooperate and turn chilly. I'm in San Diego visiting my grandbaby and it's in the 90s

  2. So festive! I love fall decorating too! It looks wonderful...thank you for sharing...

  3. Cute! I do a small scale version like that since our front porch is small. I put up sorn stalks, pumpkins, etc. I'll wait a few more weeks though. With the 70's/80's too warm for pumpkins...


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