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Thursday, September 6, 2012

A New BOW and MY NewFO

Oh my, now don't hyperventilate or anything cause I have written 2 posts in 24 hours but I'm home and feel like writing. It has been too long and I have the need.
So I wanted to share a couple of new things with you, one is from that wonderfully interesting Quilt Historian Barbara Brackman. She is at it again with giving us a fascinating look into history. She has chosen a look into the Rights For The Women Vote.
Here is a copy of a little intro to what she wrote in her blog, better said than I could write

Women in the United States won the right to vote, women's suffrage, in 1920, a centennial anniversary we will be celebrating in seven years or so. But I thought it would be a good idea to start a memorial quilt in the early teens because the fight for that national right took so long.

This is her plan as written on her blog,

Grandmother's Choice is the logo for this Block of the Week. For the next 49 weeks you'll find here (her blog) a "Saturday Morning Post" with a free pattern to recall the fight for women's rights. The blocks will all finish to 8 inches. The quilt pattern in the logo design was given the name Grandmother's Choice by the Ladies' Art Company about 1890.

So if you get a chance go check it out, she makes it worth your while. I think she makes learning history fun.

The next thing is my NewFo for last month,
Barbara, I'm  a couple days late but here it is. And I know from reading Cat Patches blog I know this is one she started a month or so ago and was sweet enough to help me get the pattern. This is mine for last month.

I first saw this quilt at the Wichita show, this was before it came out in the Quiltmaker Magazine.
Loved it then and more so now.

 So there is my start

I'm trying something new (new to me) in the crock pot today and will share it later today when it is done. If it is as good as they say I'll be making it more often 

Till next time

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  1. Great quilt, Kathleen. I think I might try this one myself!


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