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Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I have for the past 13 years participated in the Oklahoma Winter Bird Survey. In 13 years I have missed three times and last year being one and I was looking so forward to this years survey. It's usually the second weekend in January. I guess because I missed it last year, I did not realize that it had changed, it was last weekend and not this weekend. Talk about a disappointment, I was looking forward to it. I had bought birdseed and I've been feeding them for the past couple weeks to get them all prepared, knowing where the feeders are. 

Well so much for that survey, so what I did is I went online and I went to the Audubon website, and the Cornell university website. They have various surveys or bird counts going on all year long. 

There's one in February that I want to try to participate in. I'm giving you the website or links to those surveys and bird count going on.  I'm not sure if every state like Oklahoma has a bird count that goes on annually but you can look at your  wildlife department for your state to see if maybe there is one going on in your state.

Cornell University

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  1. Thanks for the information on bird surveying in OK. I am sort of new (almost 2 years) to Oklahoma and love it here. We feed the birds, but I will look for the bird survey next year and try to participate.


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