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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Weekly Goal

I meant to get this posted yesterday but I ended up sewing most of day on Easy Street and then what time I wasn't sewing I had get to the quilt shop to drop off the quilts for the boys to be done, that way I can have them ready when they get here next week. I am getting so excited, it has been three months since I've seen the 
"little dudes".

Before and what a mess.

I finished the food pantry and it looks good.  I mounted the lights and it helps even though they're not as bright as I would like. Also installed the pull out shelf. Now I want to redo my kitchen cabinets with pull out shelves (someday). So here is the before and after pics.
Before                                          After

Love this

Now for week 3 goal, I decided instead of trying to clean something else out I really need to get out the seed catalogs I've been receiving and  go through them, decide on what seeds I want to try new this year and which ones I need to replace that I really like and use all the time.

And besides ordering new seeds, I need to plan out on my calendar when I need to start my seedlings and also where I'm going to plant them in the garden. Like most gardeners I rotate my crops each year. 

Today I'm going to sew Easy Street blocks together and then I'll post a picture later to show you what it looks like. I'm so thrilled now I have 2 of my Git-R-Done projects completed, at least the tops completed, they still need to be quilted.

I'll be back later


  1. Oh, the babies are coming how grand! They've grown so, you are going to be busy. The pantry looks very spiffy.

  2. Boy a couple of cuties!!! Good job on the pantry closet!


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