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Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I knew that Bonnie Hunter was a popular lady but I just did not realize how popular she is. Since I posted my version of her Easy Street  Quilt, I have had 2000 visitors. I have never had so many people visit my blog before in 36 hours.

Thank you everyone and I hope to have my quilt put together by next week and will update the last post.

Now to new stuff, how did I do with last weeks goal, cleaning up my blog. Well those of you that visit before can you tell I cleaned it up? I took a lot of the sidebar links and such off or moved them to a page of their own. Up at the top is a tab for weekly linky hops, parties, etc. 
I finally added all the egg recipes I've made to its page. And then there is a page for the tutorial for various thing I've made. 
I have a couple more idea floating in my mind but not sure how to go about it. So there might be a few more changes. 
The one thing I did think about changing was the blog picture. I have had that one from the start and I think I might go for a change. Again it's in planning stage.

Now what's week 2 goal.

I need to clean out the spare bedroom. 

What do you think? 

There is a hide away bed under all that stuff.

Real mess isn't it. I have to say this is embarrassing, it's like looking in my undies drawer.
As you can see it's a catch all for odds and ends and then there is the over flow from my sewing room.
So these are the before pictures and I will show the after next Tuesday.


  1. We'll I'll try again, my post blew up! Organizing and cleaning is always good for the soul. I always donate stuff too, it frees up some space, and if it's buried I never missed it. I'm re-doing my blog a bit too, going for a more seasonal look. I'll spend my next holiday restoring all the pics I accidently deleted. That will take a while...

    1. Thanks for the good advise, sometimes I just hang on to things when I ought to just let go. I be watching to see what you do to your blog.

  2. Go, Kat!! I had a room just like that until not long ago. . . ;D More power to you! You'll love it when you get it reclaimed.

    1. Oh how I wish you were right here cheering me on, thank you

  3. Looks like the spare room may take a little longer than the blog clean up. Good luck with it all.

  4. That room sure looks familiar. LOL Getting things cleaned up will help you mentally, it's a good time to brainstorm.

    1. Oh lord I sure need that, I am hoping it works.


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